True Eyes Glasses are a simple device to document this phenomenon of the iris response to truthfulness versus falseness (as well as beneficial versus non-beneficial conditions) and to give immediate feedback to the individual. The advantage of this device is that it takes the subjective components of the muscle testing response out of the hands of the testing individual and monitors an involuntary (autonomic) pupillary response, (a photo/mechanical, computationally derived function), thus eliminating a subjective component to the muscle testing process (i.e., the autonomic nature of the iris, and only one individual being involved).

This device will be a personalized, self-contained mechanism whereby individuals working solely by themselves can ascertain the results of the applied kinesiology response. In other words, an individual can obtain the truthfulness of a statement without the presence of a second person.

Previous applied kinesiology responses required two individuals; an operator and a recipient. This device allows for self-evaluation and eliminates a subjective influence on obtaining the response between 2 people. This is accomplished through a unique glasses-frame mounted device that is completely portable and self-contained.

The device can also provide “truthfulness” information to the tester on subjects or entities other than the testing individual. In other words, because applied kinesiology is based on a “field phenomenon” the subject of information is not limited to the individual using the device, and so, has far-reaching applications for information gathering outside the individual doing the testing.