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August 13th, 2012 | 2 Comments

A US patent has been awarded True Eyes, last week.


True Eyes Inc.

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Hello world!

May 30th, 2012 | 2 Comments

William D. Fabian Jr., Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

2440 M St. NW, Suite 425

Washington, DC  20037

Phone (202) 293-9737     Fax (202) 293-6262

Truth Detection Glasses

The ability to tell truth from that which is not has been an essential missing component from Society from time immemorial. The implications for a personal device that is able to discern what is true from what is not has incredible implications for all strata of intellectual, emotional, and physical life.  Objective methods for obtaining such information have primarily been based upon lie detection techniques.  These range from complex neurophysiological apparatus, large bulky machines assessing brain and physical activity associated with deception, to subjective impressions of what a person looks like when lying.  All of these techniques involve subjective interpretation of data created from a lying person.  The advent of “True Eyes” allows the assessment of truth from an entirely new perspective, the reactions of consciousness itself.  Although the measurements taken for truth detection are derived from an autonomic response which is a hardwired activity in the human brain, pupil constriction/dilation, these measurements are all taken before intervening mental/cognitive activity or processing.  The results are a personal device that has the capability of directly measuring the truthfulness of any condition or personal statement made.  This has significant applications.

The concept of applied kinesiology (AK) has been around since the early 1950s but the ability to measure assessments devoid of a subjective component has not been possible until now.  As a result, the benefits derived from clinicians using AK and researchers studying this technique of muscle testing have been mixed in the literature because of the lack of proper controls.  With the subjective component removed between individuals doing AK assessments, and assessment of truth directly derived from a single individual through an autonomic response, highly objectified with modern technology applications; a user-friendly, simple, and affordable device to assess truthfulness is now readily available with True Eyes.  A US provisional patent has been obtained (patent #61277706), an international patent application (#050 648) has found no “prior art” and has been approved, and an approved trademark “TRUE EYES” has been acquired. Specific patents have been applied for in the European Union, Japan, Israel, and India. The first office action in the US patent office has been addressed as no applicable prior art has been located there. It is anticipated that a final US patent will be acquired by October 2012.

The preliminary prototype development for the glasses that measures the informative pupillary response has been funded by the inventor/True Eyes and is being researched by Industrial Information Systems, Inc. in Boston Massachusetts.  To bring the prototype to production level requires 2 phases: One is technological the other is process oriented (defining the parameters of accurate information gathering).  The technological piece is estimated to cost between 250,000 and $500,000 (by Industrial Information Systems); while the process piece, parameters of accuracy, is estimated at $100,000. The initial two preproduction phases will result in a ready-to-go pair of glasses, True Eyes will then proceed to promotion, manufacturing and distribution.

The markets for such a device are very large, but initially they will be focused in 3 areas: One) Personal use/self-development, 2) governmental security agencies (homeland security, CIA, Department of Defense, etc.), and 3) the medical area (where chiropractors currently use muscle testing).  In markets one and three direct sales will be made by personal contact and/or Internet services via a website and advertising promotion.  The second marking area which would involve governmental contracts for training individuals to use the glasses for information gathering, would be accomplished through partnership with a corporation who currently holds major contracts for computer security efforts with the above-mentioned agencies

The members of the governing board and business team for True Eyes were chosen for their specific and unique capabilities.  The founder and inventor of True Eyes glasses is William Fabian who has a doctorate in biological psychology and one in clinical psychology coupled with extensive alternative therapies experience and spiritual development interests.  This experiential base has provided a unique perspective with which to develop and patent the “applied kinesiology glasses”.  Drew Hennsion-Kunz, a business professor at Boston University, is well-positioned to help structure the business aspect of True Eyes.  Jonathan Sheldon, Esquire brings legal acumen coupled with a humanitarian perspective to the board.  Janice Kinney brings a powerful, behind the scene, spiritual perspective/overview.

The final phase of the start-up will be a company managing market demands and coordinating sales and distribution.  This phase will require an office structure and business team with commensurate salaries and benefits located in the DC area.  The DC area is chosen because the largest market share income is likely to be from governmental contracts, market area 2, whereas market areas 1 & 3, personal use and medical demand, are most easily accessed by Internet services and a traveling sales force. The initial website describing background information and applications can be viewed at

Funding is being sought for the initial 2 phases of prototype development and validation.  True Eyes, Inc is projected to break even within the first 2 years of operation and show increasing profit thereafter.  In particular, there are likely to be international markets on the near horizon for each of the three specified markets. The company has internally determined its initial value will be considered at $100 per share.  The True Eyes glasses are the first of its kind on the market, both in concept and design.  In addition, the rights to the US patent for the device are held By True Eyes, exclusively, and the International Rights are also available. True Eyes, Inc. has come together because of a unique confluence of technological developments, simple organic wisdom, and an innovative spirit.

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Applied Kinesiology Possibilities

March 1st, 2011 | No Comments

Have you ever wondered…

What it would be like If you had access to the truth about something? For example, what if we could tell if it were true or not if something happened in the past? It seems like that would make us much more informed about what we would want to believe or not. Well, with True Eyes glasses the past is no barrier. Because the iris’ response is a reflection of the reaction of consciousness to truth, either something has or has not taken place in the past. So it is possible to detect. In other words, our statement about the past would either be true or not, and hence would be reflected in the glasses red or green light.

This could be useful if we wanted to know whether an actual event in the past had taken place or not. It could also be useful if we wanted to know if somebody actually lived or not, or if they were involved with this activity or that activity rather than relying on information passed down by word of mouth. True eyes glasses would give you the capacity to know directly, and bypass any intermediary processes. Quite the advantage!

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