Did you know?

Because applied kinesiology is consciousness’s response to truthfulness (or not) it is possible to investigate all kinds of possibilities with our glasses. With True Eyes glasses at your disposal it becomes possible to locate any item that has been lost or misplaced. This can be done in a variety of ways. All that is necessary is for an individual to be “neutral” about the outcome of the statements. In other words, to the individual making the statements, “neutral” means it doesn’t matter whether the lost item is in the car, or in the truck, or in the house. Having a biased “agenda” can affect the process of which the glasses are taking measurements. Whether or not the individual has any idea of where the item is has no bearing on the response. It is merely the result of whether the item in question is where the statements states it is, or it is not. If you have an investment in whether it is in the car, etc. or not can yield inaccurate results. Otherwise, you receive a green light in the glasses if your statement is true or and a red light in the glasses if your statement is false. Simple enough to test out for yourself!