leavesTrue Eyes glasses bring to light the naturally occurring process that allows every living organism to inherently know what is life-supporting. This is the process that drives evolution or growth.

In other words, True Eyes taps the process in nature that promotes growth and allows life its ever-progressing quality. This process, by necessity, is simple and spontaneous. Like the old saying promises, “the eyes are the gateway to the soul.”

The same process that is inherent in all living organisms is reflected in the subtle activity of the human eye. True Eyes captures the natural activites of the iris’s response to truth, or what is supportive of life, and then allows an individual to be consciously aware of this quiet process!

Because this process is subtle, quiet, and takes place before mental activity supercedes its expression with clamorous thinking, beliefs, and habit patterns, it can seem to be a rather elusive quality of which to be aware.