pupilWhile the subject is wearing the True Eyes Glasses:

  1. A particular statement is made by the person wearing the glasses
  2. The subject’s pupil dilates or constricts after they make the statement
  3. The glasses measure the area of the pupil as it responds
  4. The glasses determine whether they have received a positive or negative feedback response
  5. The glasses indicate the result by illuminating either a green or red LED

Parameters that enhance the detection of the (AK) response:

  • Because the applied kinesiology response operates through the acupuncture/meridian system tapping or thumping on the sternum, or chest bone 3 times thinking of somebody that you love will help clear the system, temporarily.
  • Being clear of loud sounds and distractions like music or visual stimuli (television or videos) allows the system to be more settled.
  • Being fully hydrated (drinking plenty of water) allows for healthier and clearer response detection.
  • Making precise statements, clearly true or false allows for clear responses.
  • Making statements about the future are not useful (as the future does not exist yet)
  • Making statements about the past is fine (that has happened, and it is either true or not)
  • Having integrity is important (not having any particular agenda with respect to the outcome or the answer to the statement is essential)
  • Truth is always life-supportive